goals and necessity.

Why do you need SMM and where to start?

SMM (Social Media Marketing) is one of the methods of promoting your products and services using social media. The main goal of SMM promotion is to increase your brand awareness, great interest in your product, constant communication with potential and existing customers.
Through social media, you empower your audience to feel connected to your brand. By working with your audience here, you can improve your service, increasing the level of trust among consumers.
But, before you «go» to the social. network, you need to determine for yourself whether you and your business need it. Do they say in the social. networks about products similar to yours? Is there a social. networks is your target audience and how big is it?
Last but not least, do you have something to tell your audience on the web?

So where to start an SMM strategy?

We recommend that you first understand the goals that you want to achieve and, based on this, determine: where and how to move.

  • First of all, you should think about where exactly you need to be present for your company.
  • Next, develop a content strategy, a strategy for attracting an audience and promoting your pages, categories and communities.
  • And of course, support the entire promotion campaign with two-way communication between you and your users.

So, who to go to (we define our target audience on the network)

When defining your audience on social networks, first of all, you should focus on: age, interests and social circle.

These indicators should match the data of the consumers of your product / service and their immediate environment.

Remember that not always the person who made a purchase / made an order from you will be a consumer, perhaps it is a gift. But losing such people by focusing only on a narrow segment of the audience will not be right for you in the first place.

Most likely, your first subscribers will be relatives, friends and colleagues. Next, these will be your clients, who must be invited to subscribe to you. Of course, you shouldn’t forget about your employees, because they are the core of your company.

By assessing the interests of your environment, you will be able to understand what the content should be, on what topic and in what form it is better to present it.

And filling your content with «live», interesting and useful information, friends of friends will join your page, thereby spreading information about you and your activities.

Remember! Expanding the reach of the audience of users who are interested in you and your activities will not only increase your awareness as a brand, but also bring your site to the TOP when ranking in search results thanks to natural links.

Now let’s talk about where to go (what social networks should you choose when promoting your projects on the Internet).

Choosing the sites on which you will be engaged in your promotion, it should be noted that you do not need to «enter» all existing media at once.

Analyze what your target audience prefers and lead your pages there. Services such as Facebook, VKontakte, twitter and YouTube are often the most popular.

Important! You can view the activity of your website traffic through social networks using Google Analytics.

Speaking about social networks, it should be noted that the most «established» and solvent audience uses Facebook.

VKontakte is more aimed at young users who respond well to entertainment communication and take part in all kinds of contests and sweepstakes with pleasure. Twitter is probably the most popular microblogging, but communication in it should be instant. You need to keep track of Twitter all the time and it is very important not to forget about it.

YouTube is one of the best video hosting sites in the world. It contains billions of videos. A huge number of users become attached to a brand by seeing its ads on YouTube. This network has a high «trust» of users.

Important! When you start a page on social networks, do not forget to notify about it on your official website!

Speaking about how to go (what exactly we do to promote on social networks), we mean all those actions that may interest users.

First of all, these can be contests (engagement, call to action), sweepstakes (expanding audience coverage), promotions and bonus programs (only for their subscribers), etc.
Secondly, there are special projects. These are short projects that are uniquely specialized, have a lot of interest and good returns.
And thirdly, it can be just useful articles, essays, videos, tips or master classes that will be of interest to your audience and they will be happy to share this information with their friends.